Testing Email Workflows Using Disposable Email Addresses

A sometimes tricky and always mundane element of developing web applications is testing email workflows such as account registration or invitation. In this post I will go over some strategies for using disposable email to do just that. Email Workflows Almost universally, online identities are tied to one of three things: an email address, an […]

KPI Monitoring with Fabric.io

Until recently, all of the application monitoring solutions that I had seen suffered from one major pitfall or another. Either they were too difficult and time-consuming to set up, or they had convoluted and byzantine reporting mechanisms. After becoming disillusioned with Firebase, our team recently switched one client over to Fabric.io, and we’ve been extremely […]

Turbocharge Your Coding with Snippets

Hi. I’m Ross, and I’m a software developer who doesn’t really like typing. It’s not that I’m bad at it—I actually think I’m pretty good at it. It’s just that no matter how fast I type, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain. Lately, I’ve been addressing that gap by utilizing code snippets to […]

Using Jenkins To Perform Other Operational Tasks

Most developers are probably familiar with Jenkins, the lightweight and venerable Continuous Integration framework. It has been widely used in the software community for years to automate and deploy software builds. This post is not about that, nor the many benefits of Continuous Integration. Instead, I would like to discuss a couple of other ways […]