AWS Cloudwatch and PagerDuty Integration

I use AWS Cloudwatch and PagerDuty together on a daily basis. Cloudwatch monitors your infrastructure in the AWS cloud environment. PagerDuty is a SaaS tool that specializes in incident response; it’s great for setting up monitoring alerts and notifying the correct person when something goes wrong in your infrastructure. If you’re already using AWS Cloudwatch, […]

Using Docker & Kubernetes Together to Design & Maintain Your Infrastructure

If you’re in charge of an IT infrastructure, you’ve most likely done the same jobs over and over. You’ve also probably heard of Docker and Kubernetes. The two have commonly been mistaken for rivals, but the truth is, they work very well together. Why Docker? When deciding where to build your infrastructure — especially if […]

Why & How We’ve Starting Using RailsAdmin Internally

RailsAdmin is an open-source tool for Rails Engine that allows you to manage your data with a user-friendly interface. It’s great for building internal infrastructure because it’s something everyone in the company can use. RailsAdmin is so straightforward, you won’t even have to train users. Here are some of the basic features of RailsAdmin: Display […]

Easily Getting into Data Visualization with AWS and Redash

Being the IT Operations Engineer at Atomic Object means that I’m responsible for all of the internal infrastructure. That involves making sure everything is properly running, as well as forecasting when we might need more resources for our makers or leadership to complete daily tasks. One of the tasks our leadership handles daily is running […]