Atomic Culture Pairs – Teaching to Learn

When a new employee starts at AO, they’re given a Culture Pair. My pair, Lisa, has been with me each step of the way, teaching me about Atomic culture and process. Lisa was new herself two years ago. Her Culture Pair was Brittany, and Brittany’s pair was Patrick, and on, and on (I may start referring to Patrick as my great-grandpair from here on out).

There are many ways to learn on the job. So why does AO insist on Culture Pairs? Just because one of our values is “Teach and Learn”?

While it’s great that I always have someone to turn to with questions, the set-up isn’t just good for me, it’s good for Lisa too. As my pair, Lisa’s responsibility for being a productive Atom didn’t end with her learning her own job, and then successfully doing it. Her responsibility now is to teach the process of AO’s culture to me. In doing so, the inner workings of AO are being set to her heart. Read more on Atomic Culture Pairs – Teaching to Learn…

Taming the Photo Monster in 5 Steps

These days, almost everybody deals with something I like to call “The Photo Monster.” Most people have a fairly decent digital camera in their pocket wherever they go. We are taking pictures and shooting video all day, every day, and with each new phone upgrade, the size of our image files increases. As a result, our digital photo libraries are taking up more and more gigabytes (or in my case, terabytes) on our hard drives. For most people, the pile of unorganized photos is a beast on their computer, with tentacles spreading across folders and drives, without a hint of organization.

This is the Photo Monster. He is sleeping, waiting to be awoken when a child graduates from high school and needs a slideshow for their open house. What might have been a pleasant trip down memory lane becomes weeks of headaches and late nights.

Keeping one’s photo library clean, manageable, and navigable is worth the effort, but taming the monster can be difficult, and only the most dedicated can truly conquer it. While I can’t solve your photo organization problems for you, I can give you a few tips that will set you on the smoothest path to victory. Read more on Taming the Photo Monster in 5 Steps…