Hackable Cars, for Enthusiasts… and Others

The boundaries between our digital world and physical world blur a little more every day. Our houses and cars are becoming increasingly controlled by computers and connected to the internet at large. As a software developer and driving enthusiast, I’m particularly interested in the intersection of cars and software. I’m excited by a large number […]

UX Lessons from Ford’s MyFord Touch Fiasco

Earlier this summer, it was announced that in response to customer feedback, Ford is bringing back buttons to its MyTouch in-car infotainment system. My response: Well, Duh. I’ve written previously about about my appreciation for Ford’s UI design, featuring my ’01 F150 pickup. Since then, I have traded in my old truck for its younger, […]

UX Fail – Are Safety-Minded UIs Making Cars Less Safe?

Car rental companies provide a convenient way for drivers to experience new vehicles, including the plethora of fancy features that modern-day technology provides. I recently got to experience the new 2013 Toyota Sienna LE Minivan for a whole week with my wife and 2 kids. (Although, this vehicle has nothing “mini” about it; it has […]