Getting the Most out of Ceedling’s Module Generator

Ceedling is an open-source tool that provides features which help C developers build and test their code. It pulls together Unity (unit test framework) and CMock (mocking framework), as well a handful of other pieces like plugin support and dependency generation. Ceedling includes a plugin called module-generator that I use quite often. It’s a handy […]

Getting Started with TDD for Microchip’s PICs

In my last blog post, I discussed why embedded developers should not use IDEs. To summarize: IDEs slow down development and make it too easy to develop code without knowing what you’re actually doing. Developing outside of an IDE allows you the opportunity to work with tools that were actually designed for highly-efficient coding, forces […]

ThrowTheSwitch Improved with Tools & Tips for Embedded Developers

Higher-level software development has grown by leaps and bounds recently, but embedded has lagged significantly behind. To meet this need, a group of developers (including a few of us at Atomic Embedded) formed ThrowTheSwitch, an organization whose mission is to help evolve the way development is done in the embedded realm. ThrowTheSwitch’s portal is a […]