Design Saturates Our Software Process

The distinction between between developers and designers doesn’t make sense. We’re all designers — or we should be. At Atomic Object, our teams work on software products in an agile design process that infuses all stages of product development. Each member of the team is an active participant in the design process. The design process, […]

Content Without Context Is Dead

As designers of web applications, it’s vital that we understand and incorporate the user’s context when considering how to provide the best experience for them. Specifically, paying attention to the needs of your users and the context in which they live is the beginning of figuring out what content to serve up. Peter Morville’s venn […]

Designing Around an Experience

When designing an app it’s easy to think about the thing I’m building. When sitting down to design, I usually start outlining the areas of the app I think should be there. I then draw sketches depicting the screens around that architecture. This doesn’t always work because what I think might be good for the […]

Inexpensive UX Display Boards: Cheap Tools & Good Process

When I travel to new office environments, I’m always on the lookout for interesting facilities practices to bring back to Atomic. When I attended the Balanced Team Conference last September at Hot Studio in San Francisco, I saw some neat foam core board displays showing their new facilities layout (the new facilities are very cool […]