Testing & Tooling in EmberJS

Like many other Atoms, I’ve recently been doing some work with EmberJS. Ember is an awesome web development toolkit with some really killer features. One of my favorite parts of Ember is how easy it is to test. The framework comes bundled with a system testing framework, and its object model makes unit testing a […]

Why IDEs are Wrong for Embedded Developers

I’ll admit there was a time when I developed code using Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). They make it very simple to jump in and start working on a new project or coding in a new language. However, I have come to find that using an IDE for embedded development is almost never the right choice […]

Making Rails and TeamCity Play Well Together

Continuous integration has long been established as a valuable practice, but getting all the pieces together can be a pain. Matt Fletcher shared some of his difficulties in getting things setup satisfactorally for Rails. After much experimentation, I’m actually happy with how my Rails project is being tested with TeamCity. This might not be the […]