Guice AOP and the Java Persistence API

The Java Persistence API provides a programming language framework for managing relational data through entity management and ORM APIs. Libraries like Hibernate and Guice Persist implement the services defined in the JPA specification. The result is an abstraction layer that manages the underlying concerns of a relational database while providing a consistent API that doesn’t […]

The Guava EventBus on Guice

Guava’s EventBus provides a publish-subscribe event mechanism which allows objects to communicate with each other via the Observer Pattern. The EventBus shies away from the traditional “Event Listener” pattern seen in Java where an object implements a particular interface and then explicitly subscribes itself with another object. In a recent project we chose to use […]

Objection: Dependency Injection in Objective-C

For those of you that are familiar with the how and why of dependency injection (DI), we’ve created a DI framework for Objective-C called Objection. Those familiar with Google’s Guice will feel right at home with Objection. We have long wanted DI for Objective-C. Objection was our answer. Why use this dependency injection stuff? DI […]

The Cost of Building BlackBerry Apps

We have just finished two BlackBerry apps, one native and one using Rhodes Mobile. In the course of creating these apps, we have developed some processes to improve both the speed of development and the quality of the resulting product – especially when porting from Android.[1] Despite the improvements, the BlackBerry platform and development environment […]