Linux Encryption in the Cloud using LUKS on Linode

Thinking through some security concerns recently, I found myself wondering if it was possible to achieve full system Linux encryption in the cloud — running GNU/Linux off of an encrypted root partition (using LUKS). I thought that it should have been possible — it was achieved easily running with a local virtualization platform (VirtualBox, VMWare […]

Is Your Application Running with Ruby – Slow?

The problem that this post describes has now been fixed in RVM stable (1.17.0). To diagnose performance issues, be sure to check the options that Ruby was compiled with:ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts RbConfig::CONFIG["CFLAGS"]' The Situation While working with Patrick Bacon, migrating a large Ruby (ruby-1.9.2) web application from an older Solaris system to a new […]

Linux Has Lost the War for My Desktop

I recently switched to a MacBook as my primary computing platform after 8(!) years of nearly-exclusive Linux use. I’ve got some hardware issues that are nearly driving me mad, and I’m not thrilled with Apple’s lengthy projected repair schedules. That being said, there’s precious little I’m missing from my formerly-favored operating system since the switch. […]

Restoring Deleted Files in Linux from the ext3 Journal

Someone just `rm -rf *`-ed from `/` on a production server. Fortunately, you have backups. Unfortunately, the server included a database with important business data that was written just before the disaster. That most recent data is not included in the last database backup. You panic: “This is a Linux server, there’s no Trash, no […]

Safe Usage of /bin/rm

Those of you out there familiar with UNIX/Linux systems know that operating system tools and utilities that you have at your disposal are incredibly powerful. Arguably, this is one of the great strengths of UNIX/Linux systems. Basically, these systems give you unlimited control, and you can do anything you want without being bothered by pop-up […]

Setting Up a Network Share – Part I: NFS

Recently, Mike English and I needed to set up a rather simple network share which could be used for storing and sharing documents, image artifacts, and large binary files. This was to replace our previous network share solution which I inadvertently rendered unusable after a system software upgrade. We intended the network share to be […]

You’re Ready to Deploy – You Must Be Done, Right?

You’ve built your application. It does everything the customer asked for and everything he needs. Your designer’s polish has impressed everyone and your tool is a dream to use. Your comprehensive system test suite runs clean. Your exploratory tester can’t find any bugs you’ve missed. And you’ve got it deployed and running on its final […]