Hacking EVE, Part 1 – Reading SDD Data

While the process of writing software remains a challenging, sometimes frustrating endeavor, I was reminded recently how simple some tasks have become. The data available on the internet (along with the tools we have to manipulate that data) make answering some difficult questions a rather enjoyable undertaking. Today’s post is the first part in a […]

Ruby on Rails and MySQL BIGINT

When creating a migration using Ruby on Rails and MySQL, the default MySQL type created when defining an integer field is an 11-digit signed int. This will allow you to store signed integers up to 2147483647. However MySQL has the BIGINT storage type which stores signed integers up to 9223372036854775807.

MySQL in .NET: Native or ODBC

There are a few different options for accessing a MySQL database with ADO.net. Connector/NET, written in C#, has some upsides over the ODBC driver. Unfortunately, we ran into a number of problems with it and switched to the ODBC driver. With a few small changes we were able to convert from one to the other. […]