Unorthodox Ember Data Models: A Resource By Any Other Identifier

Ember Data has strong opinions on how it wants you to structure your data and your API, which are essentially collapsed into one by its default paradigm. If you are using ActiveModelSerializer, the path of least resistance is to have your DS.Model classes essentially mirror your ActiveRecord classes, to the point where I feel like […]

Say it Again: CRUD is not REST

After watching the presentation CRUD is not REST – Hypermedia for Y’all! by Nick Sutterer (also known for Apotomo) I was delighted to see mention of all the parts of REST that I find myself repeating most frequently: Representations of resources should be uniform Use hypermedia—not URL schemes or resource name mapping—to represent relationships Use […]

Nested Backbone Models

When mapping a Backbone Model directly to a REST API it is common for the resource you’re accessing to have a nested or associated resources. Backbone Models are a wrapper for a single resource, but do not attempt to implement a nested resource relationship. Backbone Collections also provide a nice mechanism to fetch multiple resources […]