Programmatically Connecting to WiFi in Your Xamarin.Forms App

With the dawn of the Internet of Things, smart homes, and connected devices, mobile apps have become key elements of creating harmony between everything. Most IoT devices require users to provision their devices on a home wireless network, which can sometimes cause poor user experience. However, apps have the ability to ease these pain points […]

Exporting a Java Library to a Xamarin.Forms Android Project

The device on our current project has two unique software development kits (one for Android and one for iOS). My team wanted to use Xamarin.Forms to create an application for the device so that the core logic of the app could be stored in one place.  However, in order to also incorporate the platform-specific SDK methods, […]

Utilizing the iOS Background with Xamarin: Part 1

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to work with Xamarin, a platform for writing native mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) in a single, cross-platform implementation. Based on the Mono framework, Xamarin allows for maximum code reuse between mobile platforms, while preserving any native APIs. Even very platform-specific APIs, such as iOS Background […]

Native HTML Apps with Xamarin

At the tail end of last year, my team was working on an Ember.js app. That would usually be pretty normal, but in this case, it was an Ember app running in Cordova utilizing massive amounts of offline support. We needed to support Android and iOS. Offline support meant downloading most of our users’ data, […]