Protecting Your Apple Power Adapter with sugru

Apple power adapter enhanced with sugruI am always worried about breaking the wire coming out of my Macbook Pro power adapter. After going in and out of my bag a few times a day, it usually ends up in an awkward position with a very uncomfortable looking kink in it. I was expressing my concerns to a friend, who is a member of the i3detroit hackerspace. He suggested that this would be a perfect use for a new thing i3detroit recently received samples of.

Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. It molds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything, and air cures into a strong and flexible silicone rubber overnight — a perfect material for enhancing the strain relief of my power adapter. I chose blue, but it also comes in white if you want it to blend in and look like it’s supposed to be there.

Overall, I am happy with the enhanced strain relief and sugru’s ease of use. The possibilities with sugru are endless. What kind of uses can you think of?