Design Pairing at Atomic

During our website redesign process, Atomic Object’s designers used pair design to establish early wireframes and visual direction. While collaboration between designers often happens organically across projects at Atomic, during this project in particular we made it a priority. The pair design process we used is similar to pair programming, an Agile practice that many […]

Creating & Sharing Color Swatches in Adobe

When I began in graphic design, I struggled with maintaining color consistency between documents. After I created a color palate, I would often want to utilize it across Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. As any designer knows, good color is an essential part of design, and finding the right color palate can make a huge […]

Creating Responsive Email Templates – Tips & Tools

Designing a responsive HTML email presents many of the same challenges as designing a responsive website. However, far fewer businesses bother to create mobile-friendly email templates. Despite the prevalence of mobile device usage, only 25% of businesses are creating mobile-optimized marketing emails. According to estimates from InMobi, 60% of Internet users are using a mobile […]

Creating Accessible Interface Designs for Seniors

It’s a well-known fact that many people in the older generation has been struggling with new technologies. For those of us that work in the software or design industries, it’s easy to take technology for granted. Most of us are “digital natives” — we grew up with electronics, and it can be difficult to set […]