Two Ways to Improve Your Daily Stand-Up with a Large Team

At this point, anyone who is doing Agile software development is familiar with the daily stand-up. Traditionally, during that meeting, each team member answers the following questions for the larger group: What did you do yesterday? What did you do today? Is there anything blocking you from moving forward? This approach works well for teams […]

Is Software the Best Solution? These 5 Questions Will Help You Decide

These days, most companies are expected to have some sort of digital or connected solution. Even industries that have been paper-based or seem removed from connected solutions are feeling pressure. Their executives may think they need a solution, but what should it be? And how do you determine if software is the right solution?

Agile Misconception #2: We Don’t Need Documentation

Documentation means a lot of different things to different people. I’ve also found it’s one of the top five topics to cause a developer to cringe. If you’ve used a waterfall software development process, you’re all too familiar with documentation. From requirements to systems architecture to design, you’re creating documentation at every step of the […]