Setting Up an Azure Functions Dependency Injection Context for Request Tests

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do some request testing on an Azure Functions project. My goal is to submit HTTP requests with JSON bodies, have them handled by the Functions running through as much of the real production code as possible, and then get back an HTTP response with a JSON payload. […]

Docker for Mac: Overcoming Slow Mounted Volumes with Visual Studio Code

A couple of years ago, Will Pleasant-Ryan wrote Docker for Mac: Overcoming Slow Mounted Volumes, describing his desire to use Docker for local development. He talked about some of the filesystem performance problems that can arise when using a shared volume from the host machine on Mac OS X, along with some potential workarounds and […]

Bake Production Testing into Your Application

Unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, exploratory testing—all are important methods that contribute to delivering quality software. But there’s another important kind of testing that is often overlooked, and that’s testing the production environment. For example, has the production environment been configured correctly so the system can successfully send email? Can the system access a […]