Commit Messages – the Easiest Documentation You’ll Ever Write

When it comes to writing documentation, nobody wants to do the job. And whatever documentation does get written is quickly outdated because nobody wants to update it, either. The most accurate documentation of how a system works is the code itself, but even “self-documenting” code falls short of describing why it was written that way. […]

UI Unit Testing in Your iOS Project

When you create a new project in Xcode, you’re given the option of including two types of tests: Unit Tests and UI Tests. But I’ve often wished that these two weren’t mutually exclusive. There have been times when I’ve wanted to test UI components in isolation, but I wasn’t sure how feasible it was, or […]

Azure Functions in F# (For Real)

If you’ve ever glanced at Azure Functions and F#, you might think they were made for each other. And yet if you want to create a new Azure Function project in Visual Studio, C# is apparently your only option. Maybe someday, Visual Studio will include support for Azure Functions in F#, but for now it’s […]