My 5 Steps for Tackling Stress

Deadlines, miscommunication, conflict. Regardless of what our jobs, projects, or responsibilities may be, we all face these things during our careers. If not handled properly, the stress from these issues can expand to other areas of life, quickly becoming unmanageable. That’s why it’s critical to learn how to manage stress. While I’m not an expert […]

A Brief Introduction to Audio and Video Encoding

Every day, I listen to music or watch videos on different platforms–the radio, phone, computer, and television. Until recently, I had never considered exactly how that media was delivered to me. I would venture to guess that many people have been, or are in, that situation themselves. I’ve spent some time looking into exactly how these forms of media […]

Tired of Your Shell? Try Zsh!

I’ve been a Zsh user for several years now, and I figured that I would share my experience. For those who haven’t heard of it, Zsh is a command line shell, similar to Bash, but with many more built-in features. Many features of Zsh are available with Bash or other shells; however, Zsh does such […]