There’s No Such Thing as a “Massive MVP.” Build Releases Instead!

The idea of a “massive MVP” is an oxymoron. How can a Minimum Viable Product end up taking a team of up to ten people a year and over a million dollars to build? And yet, I’ve seen a number of organizations—usually enterprise companies—building massive MVPs. Clearly, there’s confusion between how the term MVP is […]

Software Exposes People Problems that You Can’t Ignore

Software, and computers in general, are excellent at enforcing process. But process is often in direct conflict with people. So what happens when a new software system is thrust upon people? Frustration, revolt, and other negative consequences—a net loss for all involved. In this post, I’ll explore how we can utilize software to both advance […]

Great Consultants Provide Great Options: Active Problem Solving in Three Steps

Problems in life are often fuzzy; thus, finding solutions is also fuzzy. One response is to turn to a peer and say, “Tell me what to do”—a passive approach. But great consultants understand the problem, turn to their clients and say, “Here are some options and a recommendation”—an active approach.