Three Levels of Software Project Closeout Documentation

I find that authoring documentation is best done at the end of a project. Writing it too early means it needs to be re-written as things change. Unfortunately, life happens. On many projects, almost no time is available for documentation at the project’s end. This may seem irresponsible, but it’s the tradeoff teams and clients […]

Adding Blockers to Your Backlog? Always Include a Specific Next Step

A pet peeve of mine is when progress on a story is blocked with a reason like: “Need code sample to add live chat feature.” Or: “Don’t have VPN access.” What needs to happen next? Does someone know they need to help unblock this? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be wondering […]

Writing Agile Stories, Part 4 – Decision-Making Guidelines

Deciding what (and how much) behavior you want is the hardest part of the entire story creation process. The reason for this is straightforward—if it were an obvious decision, you wouldn’t even have to consciously think about it. Your brain would make the decision for you unconsciously, and the story definition would simply flow out […]