Asking “Why” in Design – A Cautionary Tale & Six Resources

Though great designers employ a myriad of tools to solve problems, perhaps the most powerful tool is effective use of the question “why?” Why? Because it helps the designer understand the deeper need (the why), as opposed to a solution (the what). Having become more proficient at asking “why” myself, it’s become more evident to […]

Script Away Your Annoyances – Glueing Evernote and Omnifocus via JavaScript

OmniFocus has become my personal task tracking tool du jour, and I’ve come to rely on it for a morning reminder of my daily routines. One of those routines is to clear my Evernote inbox–things in that notebook need to be filed away for long-term storage while I can still remember why I put them in the […]

Script Away Your Annoyances – Automatically Publish Your Favorite Feeds in Instapaper

Lately, I’ve turned to Instapaper as my preferred tool for collecting articles I want to read. Most of my content comes from articles I’ve selected as worthy and sent over to Instapaper for further review. But there are two feeds I always want sent to my Instapaper–the amazing pieces from Brian Koberlein’s One Universe at a […]

Why I Organized and Ran a Conference

I helped organize and run the recent Balanced Team 2015 Summit. Before the event, you certainly could have asked me, “Why did you decide to organize this conference?” and I would have given you an answer. But not the answer I have now, right after reading the initial feedback.