What Do Clients Need from Consultants? Options and a Recommendation

Consulting is an abstract term and open to interpretation. My interpretation is that, at its core, consulting is about listening, identifying options, identifying tradeoffs, and making a recommendation.

Five Steps to Being a More Valuable Consultant

A good consultant identifies a problem and helps resolve it. A great consultant listens to a problem and identifies options, but ultimately yields decision-making power.

Options weighted by cost and value.
Consulting is about trading off options vs. costs within a specific context. Lean Change Management.

Put simply, a great consultant:

  1. Listens – Great listening skills lead to a deep understanding of the problem.
  2. Processes – Pause. Think. Allow the problem to settle in. Resist the temptation to react immediately. Make time & space, replenish energy, and the next step will be a lot easier.
  3. Identifies options and tradeoffs – Almost every problem has multiple ways to solve it. Each solution comes with different tradeoffs. Cost is usually the most important. Avoid providing an option without at least attaching a cost.
  4. Recommends – Given a deep understanding, options, and costs, recommend what you believe is the most balanced solution.
  5. Waits, but follows up – Give the other person time and space to decide on a solution. But follow up within a reasonable timeframe to provide some accountability and ensure that things don’t become blocked.

Stereotypical stock image of a consultant.
Sadly, writing backward on a transparent wall is pretty far down the list of important consulting skills.

Other Thoughts on Consulting

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