Six Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills & Become a Great Consultant

If there’s one critical consulting skill that’s often overlooked, it’s listening. I’m talking about real active listening — hearing what the client is saying. Many consultants focus on impressing clients with the depth of their knowledge. They get so engrossed with their own knowledge, they don’t even realize that all they hear is their own […]

The Vistage Issue Processing Framework – A New Sales Tool

I recently joined a local Vistage group run by Steve Johandes. Vistage is a peer-to-peer membership organization for CEOs, business owners, and executives of small- to mid-size businesses. Vistage has a powerful issue processing framework that I really enjoy. It’s effective at getting to the root issue of a problem that someone is facing, and it […]

Great Consultants Provide Great Options: Active Problem Solving in Three Steps

Problems in life are often fuzzy; thus, finding solutions is also fuzzy. One response is to turn to a peer and say, “Tell me what to do”—a passive approach. But great consultants understand the problem, turn to their clients and say, “Here are some options and a recommendation”—an active approach.