Functional Primer, Part 1 – What Is Functional Programming?

Functional programming is a universally-applicable programming paradigm that yields clear code with evident effects, that is easier to debug and maintain. This functional approach has become popular in the software world, and I wanted to do my best to provide a thorough introduction. Here’s what you can expect: Fundamental functional programming concepts and basic examples […]

Five Reasons Generative Art Is the Ideal Hobby for a Software Developer

Generative art has consumed my free time for a few reasons. First, there’s few experiences that match creating and holding your own art. Second, my degree didn’t prepare me to make paintings, but I did build the skills for generative art. Finally, generative art focuses on writing code to make something you enjoy. Much better […]

How to Mentor at a Student Hackathon & Why You Should Give it a Try

Mentoring student hackathons is one of the best ways to have a direct impact on your local tech community. Hackathons are essentially invention/creation marathons that focus on building small software or hardware projects. I’ve been mentoring and attending hackathons for over two years now, and they’re consistently among the most enjoyable experiences in my life.