What’s Under the Hood in Git?

Git is the ubiquitous version management tool, but most of us work with it only through the higher-level commands. However, under the hood, it uses just a small set of powerful commands.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the process Git takes to go from untracked files to commits on master. I’ll cover some of these commands and show how they power Git, but I’ll skip some of the specific flags and details for brevity’s sake. Read more on What’s Under the Hood in Git?…

How to Mentor at a Student Hackathon & Why You Should Give it a Try

Mentoring student hackathons is one of the best ways to have a direct impact on your local tech community. Hackathons are essentially invention/creation marathons that focus on building small software or hardware projects.

I’ve been mentoring and attending hackathons for over two years now, and they’re consistently among the most enjoyable experiences in my life. Read more on How to Mentor at a Student Hackathon & Why You Should Give it a Try…

Regular Expressions Are Great… Sometimes

Regular expressions (or regex) are incredibly helpful tools to have at your disposal as a software developer, but they’re often dangerous tools. In this post, I’m going to focus on the times where you shouldn’t use regex, and then I’ll go over some strategies and features to use when you do write regular expressions. Lastly, I’ll provide a few other tools and resources that will further aid you when using regular expressions.
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How to Console Yourself through JavaScript Debugging

Debugging JavaScript can be frustrating sometimes, or at least time-consuming. To reduce the amount of suffering invovled, I’m going to share some of the processes that I take to debug JavaScript in the browser. I’ll focus on the debugging tools offered by the unexplored Console api. There’s a lot of good functionality beyond the tried-and-true console.log.
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Be Expressive: How to Give Your Variables Better Names

Well-named variables are one of the most useful tools for building a maintainable and predictable codebase. Poor variable names can confuse users, but good ones make code seem effortless. As Ward Cunningham put it:

You know you are working on clean code when each routine turns out to be pretty much what you expected.

Naming variables well is one of the first and most important things you can do to create code that feels expected.
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