Reading and Writing a Private Google Sheet Programmatically

Google Sheets is amazing — a free, publicly accessible spreadsheet available to anyone with an Internet connection. With its expressive (if a bit obtuse) formula programming language and its ease of distribution, it’s not surprising that Google Sheets is a favorite component of many cloud automations. Even here at Atomic, where we have easy access […]

Better Remote Pairing with Keycastr and Presentify

We’ve all been doing a lot more remote pairing lately. Since March, our team has tried just about every remote collaboration tool available. For pair programming, we’ve relied on a blend of video conferencing, screen sharing, and VS Code LiveShare. LiveShare gives us Google Docs-like collaborative editing, while a shared screen lets both people see […]

What Does “Run the Tests” Mean? – How Shared Symbols Can Speed Up Team Communication & Reduce Errors

On your project, what does “run the tests” mean? What about “add a feature?” “Fix a bug?” When passed through the brain of someone on your team, these phrases bloom into specific things — a command that you run in the Terminal on a developer’s laptop, a process that you follow to add new functionality […]

How to Keep Home Stuff off Your Work VPN while Social Distancing

All of us at Atomic have been working remotely for a couple of weeks now. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works really well (team Discord servers, Zoom happy hours, lots of affirmation) and what doesn’t work quite so well. One of the things that I’ve found troublesome is using whole-network VPNs. […]

Overcoming Pair-formance Anxiety

Pair programming is fantastic. And daunting. It’s one of the most effective ways to build high-quality code quickly and efficiently in a flexible way. But your first time pairing can be terrifying. If solo programming is like making your own lunch in the morning, switching to pair programming can feel like being asked to make […]

It’s Okay to Use Public WiFi; You Don’t Need a VPN

Personal VPN services have been advertising aggressively. Listen to just about any podcast or radio show for a while, and you’ll hear a message like: “If you leave your internet connection unencrypted, your passwords and credit card numbers could be vulnerable to bad people or Batman…” (I kid you not). ☝️ That’s good ad copy, […]