Keep Your Temporary Hacks Temporary with a Shame.cs

In every codebase of a certain age, there are dark corners. Unloved, poorly-lit classes that smell vaguely of moldering wood and mothballs. Methods that creak when a lonely dev walks by. Small trees poking out of reactive pipelines, drawing sustenance from thick, loamy beds of commented-out code. We’ve all wandered through those codebases. Lately, I’ve […]

Code Like a Craftsman with a Vim Clutch

Stroll around our Grand Rapids office, and you’ll find some unique input methods. Curved, split, and mechanical keyboards, mice shaped like everything from sashimi to joysticks, giant trackpads, drawing tablets, Echo Dots, and Yetis. We like to keep things interesting when it comes to our workspaces. For the last hundred days, I’ve been kicking around […]