Making Practical Use of OpenSSL’s s_client

I frequently troubleshoot SSL/TLS server configurations, X.509 certificates, and other SSL/TLS-related concerns. One of the most useful utilities in my toolbox is OpenSSL. I use it for a huge number of tasks: generating new X.509 certificate signing requests, generating random strings for encryption keys, retrieving server X.509 certificates, testing support SSL/TLS ciphers, etc.

Creating Zendesk Tickets from Slack Slash Command

We use Zendesk to help manage internal support requests that the IT operations team handles internally. Zendesk provides multiple methods (or channels) to submit requests, such as e-mail and the Zendesk Guide (Help Center). However, most internal communication with the IT operations team now occurs via Slack. In order to make submitting requests easier, I […]

Secure HTTP Proxy with Static IP

Sometimes, we work with APIs that require whitelisting of origin IP addresses for access. This can prove challenging when applications run on SaaS platforms hosted in the public Cloud—you cannot be guaranteed that your application will make requests from a consistent IP address (or range of IP addresses). For example, hosting on Heroku means that […]