Speeding Up Your JavaScript Test Suite

Having fast tests is important. Slow running tests slow down development, especially if you’re practicing TDD. If tests are too slow to run, some developers may avoid running them altogether. Slow tests will also slow down CI builds, increasing the length of your feedback loop. While it takes more development time, doing maintenance on your […]

Testing Asynchronous Behavior in JavaScript with Selenium

Full stack browser testing of web applications is awesome. It validates that your application works end-to-end and allows you to check actual user workflows. For the last year and a half, I’ve been using Selenium to test a JavaScript web application we’re developing using Backbone.js. Unfortunately, web apps that use JavaScript a lot can be […]

Serving Static Assets with DropWizard

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of work with DropWizard, an awesome Java web framework for developing RESTful web services. I was recently prototyping a small application, and I wanted to serve static files directly from DropWizard. While this isn’t what DropWizard is primarily designed to do, I […]

Marionette.js Behaviors, Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: Testing Behaviors is available here Marionette is a Javascript application framework built on top of Backbone. It provides great features missing from core Backbone like collection views, subview management, and abstractions for building event driven applications. Extracting Duplicate Code with Behaviors Marionette.Behaviors are an abstraction for sharing UI code between different views. They […]

My Favorite Emacs Add-Ons

I love Emacs. I’ll take it hands down over vim, Sublime, Atom, and company any day. I thought I would take some time to list some of my favorite bits of Emacs and how I use them in my daily workflow. 1. Magit Magit is an Emacs interface for git. Beyond that, it’s the best […]