Problem Solving at 200 Feet

About a year ago I started rock climbing, and before I knew it, my approach to software development had changed. You see, rock climbing is predominantly made up of engineers, which I believe has to do with the problem-solving nature of both activities. But it’s more than just that. As I learned how to rock […]

Package Management Options in JavaScript

As browsers and HTML have matured, our ability to create wonderful experiences has become easier and better, but our code has become more complex. To aid this complex development, we rely on packages such as JQuery, Bootstrap, etc. But with the use of packages comes the need for package and dependency management. Ruby has RubyGems […]

Product Review: Nest Protect

In 2011, Nest Labs released their first product called Nest, a learning thermostat. The reviews were good, and Nest Labs was congratulated as being the first company to innovate on a product were little to no innovation has recently existed. In 2013 they did it again, releasing the Nest Protect, a smart, wireless-connected smoke and […]

Debugging with Ember Inspector – Ember’s Chrome Plugin

When creating a single-page site using a technology like Ember or AngularJS, debugging code can become an issue. Firebug and the Chrome debugger quickly lose their power as you have to dig through Ember models and other representations of your application. Thankfully, from the creators of Ember comes a plugin for Chrome debugging — Ember […]