Typesafe Container Components with React-Redux’s Connect and TypeScript

TypeScript is fantastic—you get feedback as you write your code to (mostly) ensure you’re passing valid arguments to functions and props to components. However, when using the connect function, you may find that you are permitted to pass invalid props or omit required props to components. In this post, I’ll discuss how the issue arises, […]

Higher-Order Components in React

React emphasizes composition over inheritance, making it simple to compose larger components by reusing smaller ones. This approach is at odds with the way many programmers are accustomed to reusing code: inheritance Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). React uses higher-order components (HoCs) as an alternative to inheritance. Similar to higher-order functions, which take or return other functions, […]

A Few Tips For Getting Started With Rails

Rails does a lot of work for you. This is often beneficial, but when it makes assumptions that aren’t right for your app, it can be frustrating. In this post, I’ll discuss a few issues that can arise when you get started creating models, along with some easy solutions to them. Oh, and before I […]