Five Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Coworkers

There are many times I have wanted to show certain coworkers how much I care. Sometimes they have gone above and beyond to make my work more enjoyable, and sometimes I just want to appreciate their daily contributions to a team or the office. On the flip side, sometimes they are having a really rough time on their current project and could use an emotional boost. Or maybe they are just great to work with!

Regardless of why, here are five ways I show my coworkers that I appreciate them.

1. In Person

My preferred way to tell my coworkers that I appreciate them is in person. I might invite them out on a walk, or catch them after a meeting. I make an effort to provide specific appreciation. Maybe they provided a unique and valuable perspective to the client, or they were just a listening ear during a hard time at work. I let them know precisely what I appreciated about them.

2. In a Thank-You Note

The thank-you note is a classic way to show appreciation. At the end of each project, I try to make time to write a note to each member of my team. I express my appreciation and mention at least one thing I enjoyed about working with them. This way of showing gratitude is often forgotten in the workplace, but I’ve found that many coworkers really appreciate the thoughtfulness and time of a handwritten card.

3. On a Walk

Sometimes, showing appreciation to a coworker can be as easy as going for a walk and giving them a space to talk. They might need to blow off steam about a project or talk about something going on in their personal life. Being empathetic and present during these times is a great way to show appreciation.

4. With a Sweet Distraction

When the mood of the team or office is low, I’ve been known to bring in cookies or other snacks. One particularly quiet day, I ordered cookies for delivery from a local cookie company. Everyone in the office turned out to sample the flavors. It was great to see everyone come together for 10 minutes for a fun event and then go back to their work.

I also started bringing lifesaver mints to meetings as a pleasant after-lunch routine. This quickly turned into a meeting must-have. My teams have become so used to having the mints around that they will steal them off my desk when we are not in meetings!

5. Through Atomic Gratitude

Within Atomic Object, we have a few more formal ways to show gratitude. You can read more about these in John’s post. These expressions of gratitude are much more public, and they acknowledge not just my gratitude for a coworker, but also exemplary work.

Showing appreciation to your coworkers is an easy way to help build relationships within teams and keep the workplace a positive place to spend eight hours a day. How do you show those around you that you appreciate them? Drop some of your favorites in the comments below!