Atomic Glossary, Part 2 – Atomic & Software Industry Jargon

In my previous post, I briefly went over some well-known industry terms. In this edition I’d like to touch base on some internal jargon that, as far as I know, we use specifically at Atomic Object.

Software Industry Terms


Yeah, this is pretty much what you think it is.

A Generalist is a person competent in several different fields or activities. We think generalists do great work, so Atomic’s developers all know a multitude of coding languages—for web app development, desktop software, mobile application, embedded work (software inside devices), etc. And our designers do business strategy, information architecture, content strategy, visual deign, and (in some cases) frontend coding. We’re a bunch of multiple-hat wearers, not specializing in one thing but lots of things. How cool is that?


Not the thing that warms your socks, towels, or house.

An information radiator is any large, publicly-posted display that shows information people care about. The term was coined by Alistair Cockburn.

Atomic’s radiator is screen that shows how all Atoms in the company, across each office, punch their time. You can see a percentage spent on billable client work compared to how much time they spend on internal company projects. You can also see how many hours each atom work +/- 40 for the quarter. There is other information on here about our blog writing statistics as well.



Not something the real Slim Shady does

A daily gathering where the team discusses important events or announcements for the day. We have these meetings while standing up because it keeps them shorter and more focused.

Atomic-Only Terms

These are terms that, as far as I know, we really only use at Atomic Object.


Not a relationship status on Facebook.

In brief, this means your team works in the same place. Members of our Development team come to the same place everyday to work on their assigned project.  It encourages better communication and teamwork.

Integrated (or Poly-Skilled) Teams

Not something you hear on Star Trek…I think.

This means Atomic teams include both designers and developers, working simultaneously to create products for our clients.


Not someone who cooks.

A maker is an Atom who does billable work—either a designer, a developer, or a tester. They produce something of deliverable value for the client.

Problem Solver

Not your best girlfriend, shrink, or hair stylist.

Believe it or not, Professional Problem Solver is a job title here at Atomic. They’re a team of helpful and enthusiastic individuals that solve a number of various technical problems for customers and atoms, including setting up servers, deploying software, and managing networks and infrastructure. They also help troubleshoot issues with customers for products we actively support.