Completing the Circuit: From Arduino to AVR Microcontrollers for Hobbyist Projects

The Arduino platform has a lot of advantages. It’s designed so that artists and hobbyists can do lots of cool stuff. There are plenty of tutorials for beginners, and the standard hardware means that incompatibilities won’t add extra confusion when learning microcontroller programming. Getting started is inexpensive — for $25ish, one can get a relatively […]

Measuring CPU Utilization

Understanding processor load in an embedded system is important, yet often overlooked. It’s a step toward analyzing your processor’s ability to meet system deadlines. I have provided a sample arduino sketch to show how you can add real-time CPU utilization measurements to your embedded project.

A Little Bit of XBee

Justin DeWind and I recently started working on a project involving XBee radios. These little devices are fun to work with and more capable than their small size lets on. A lot of questions have come up as we’ve worked through a technical spike using the devices, some with difficult-to-find answers. The following are a […]