Don’t Forget to Kick the Tires – On Automatic Monitoring & Human Intervention

With as much as we use modern technology to automatically monitor, observe, and report on so many different systems, I think it is important to manually check the viability of these same systems from time to time. While the quality of sensors and metrics always seems to be improving, there are still loopholes and lapses […]

Script Away Your Annoyances – Glueing Evernote and Omnifocus via JavaScript

OmniFocus has become my personal task tracking tool du jour, and I’ve come to rely on it for a morning reminder of my daily routines. One of those routines is to clear my Evernote inbox–things in that notebook need to be filed away for long-term storage while I can still remember why I put them in the […]

Configuring a Laptop with Ansible, Part One

Setting up a new laptop can be disorienting. It’s easy to forget all the configuration tweaks that accumulate over time. With just a little work upfront, a configuration management system can turn those notes into executable documentation, making it easy to reproduce a heavily customized setup on other laptops down the line. While there are […]

Script Away Your Annoyances – Testing a Data Import Process

Automation is good. Performing tasks manually is bad. Performing tasks manually is especially bad when the tasks are annoying. Let’s use a Ruby script to alleviate the pain of an annoying task. Today’s annoyance: testing and working through the kinks of a brittle, ugly data import process. We are planning to deploy Fedora Commons into […]