How We Built a Scrappy Curriculum Editor using VSCode, TypeScript, and AWS Lambda

Great apps aren’t stuck in the mud. They change with the times. They float like oak leaves along a wide river of user expectations, business requirements, fashion trends, and platform changes. To keep floating, leaves 🍂 apps need a watchful team of developers to walk the muddy banks nudging them back toward fast water whenever […]

Creating Amplify Email Campaigns in JavaScript

On my current project, we are using AWS Amplify to manage cloud infrastructure.  One of the reasons we’re using Amplify is to send targeted emails to our users through AWS’s analytics tool, Pinpoint. Setting up an email channel through Amplify turned out to require extra work since, at the time of writing this blog post, […]

Setting Up Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Services and Login with Amazon on Android

On my current project, we’re integrating Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Services (DRS) into an Android app. DRS allows “smart” devices to automatically reorder supplies from Amazon if users of the device (and accompanying apps) opt in. For example, a washing machine might order more detergent, or an electronic device might order more batteries. The order is triggered once […]

Amazon Lambda Auto-Deployment For Your Alexa Skill Using AWS CLI

My latest project includes integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice service. My coworker Jordan already wrote an excellent post on how to get started writing your own Alexa Custom Skill. Amazon’s API makes it relatively easy to develop a new Skill, and with a number of languages to choose from (Python, Node.js, Java, C#, etc), developers […]

Managing AWS Route 53 Hosted Zones with AWS Lambda

On AWS, I use a Route 53 private hosted zone for Amazon VPC to allow me to conveniently address EC2 instances and other resources. While all EC2 instances are automatically assigned a private DNS entry, it is usually something fairly unintelligable such as “” An entry like “” is much more helpful, especially when trying […]

Managing AWS CloudFront Security Group with AWS Lambda

One of our security groups on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows access to an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) from one of our Amazon CloudFront distributions. Traffic from CloudFront can originate from a number of a different source IP addresess that Amazon publishes. However, there is no pre-built security group to allow inbound traffic from CloudFront. I […]