Using SQL to Look Through All of Your iMessage Text Messages

iMessage is one of my favorite things about having an iPhone and a Mac. It’s also one of my least favorite things. I love being able to send messages from my computer, and the integration between the two devices is seamless. What frustrates me is the inability to efficiently search through old messages. iOS 13 […]

Level up your PostgreSQL Skill with Lateral Joins

PostgreSQL’s lateral joins have a lot of uses. One of my favorites is the ability to reuse calculations in a query. Before I discovered lateral joins, I would either copy calculations throughout the query or use subqueries. Neither of these approaches is ideal because they make the query much more difficult to read—and nearly impossible […]

A Case for Learning J

There are few things as humbling as learning a programming language of a radically different paradigm from any you’ve used before. Recently, I’ve been feeling a need to learn a language with which I could easily manipulate data – usually collections of numbers. I thought about learning R or Julia, but while I’m sure those […]