Waiter, There’s a WordPress in My Web App!

If you’ve ever been a part of developing custom software, you’ve probably seen some features turn out to be much more complicated than anticipated. Sometimes, it’s due to unforeseen technical constraints. Other times, it’s a case of not fully understanding the nature of the feature—a situation that led me to an unexpected use for WordPress.

Side-Load Like a Pro with Ember-RESTless

Side-loading is an efficient way for a developer to pull multiple pieces of relevant JSON data (i.e. data for multiple model types) from a single HTTP request in a client-server implementation. Rather than requiring a client to make multiple requests to fetch the full set of relevant data, side-loading automatically sends all relevant data back from the server.

Unorthodox Ember Data Models: A Resource By Any Other Identifier

Ember Data has strong opinions on how it wants you to structure your data and your API, which are essentially collapsed into one by its default paradigm. If you are using ActiveModelSerializer, the path of least resistance is to have your DS.Model classes essentially mirror your ActiveRecord classes, to the point where I feel like […]

Testing Asynchronous Behavior with Ember

I’ve found system testing Ember.js applications to be quite enjoyable—the Ember run loop and test helpers make tests deterministic and fast. That is, of course, when your application code lives happily within the confines of the run loop. But what happens when your application generates asynchronous behavior? How do you test that? We ran into this problem recently […]