10 Tips for Running an Elementary School Computer Club

While I’m a software developer by trade, I’m also the mother of two school-aged kids, so one of my pastimes is volunteering in various capacities at our local public elementary school. At some point early this school year, in a moment of temporary insanity, I found myself nodding my head “Yes” when a wiser full-time-working […]

Creating Common Ground with the Atomic Reading List

Atomic Object has employees from many different backgrounds. Though this diversity is something we celebrate in our culture, it could potentially lead to a team using several conflicting approaches on the same project. To help mitigate this risk, Atomic’s new employee orientation aims to create common ground with required reading. The Atomic Curriculum New Atoms […]

New Job? 3 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear

I had a lot of assumptions, expectations, and fears starting as a developer right out of college. Partly because it was my first full-time, professional job as a software developer. But on top of that, I was starting at Atomic Object. If you were a Computer Science major at Grand Valley State University, you knew […]

Shared Understanding: Building Languages and Communities Around Software

Sometimes it’s hard to say the thing we want to see. As a dad, I’m fascinated by human language development; and as a software maker, I’m constantly engaged in sharing mental models. Atoms spend a lot of time communicating with customers to bring a shared vision to reality. Reflecting on that practice, I recently discovered […]

Code Reading

I was recently asked if I had any advice for reading code. It’s an important skill for developers, because practice reading code leads to faster ramp-up on projects. Studying good codebases is also one of the best ways to pick up a sense for project architecture design. 1. Find Your Point of Entry First, there’s […]

Problem-Solving Like a Generalist

I develop embedded software, but if you look on my coffee table, you’ll see books on a wide variety of programming topics — information retrieval, garbage collectors, and so on. This would strike some people as strange. Shouldn’t I be focusing on electronics or something? Yes and no. I consider myself an “embedded specialist,” and […]