Setting Up a Network Share – Part I: NFS

Recently, Mike English and I needed to set up a rather simple network share which could be used for storing and sharing documents, image artifacts, and large binary files. This was to replace our previous network share solution which I inadvertently rendered unusable after a system software upgrade. We intended the network share to be […]

Puppet + Gephi: Visualizing Infrastructure as Code

Justin Kulesza and I have been using Puppet to manage the configuration of some virtualized servers. Recently, we added some modules that introduced unexpected dependency cycles. As we worked to untangle the complex series of dependencies, it became difficult to keep track of just how everything was connected. In order to make sense of the […]

Binary Serialization Tour Guide

I love choices! But there are a lot of binary serialization formats out there. I recently surveyed them for a project with fairly loose requirements for transferring text and binary messages between servers and embedded devices. The result was a list of most of the available binary serialization formats and libraries, with comments on each. […]