ReactiveCocoa – Cleaning Up after replay, replayLast, and replayLazily

A while back, I wrote a post comparing replay, replayLast, and replayLazily. Thanks to some investigating by Brian Vanderwal, I recently learned that one needs to be careful when using a replay operator (or multicast/connect directly) with an infinite signal as its source. This blog post refers to the older ReactiveCocoa 2.x Objective-C library. I’m guessing that the […]

Simplifying Objective-C Value Objects with Mantle and the Builder Pattern

I’ve come to the conclusion that regardless of how “functional” a programming language is, the best way to handle state is with immutable value objects. Wikipedia defines a value object as follows: “In computer science, a value object is a small object that represents a simple entity whose equality is not based on identity: i.e. […]

Bi-directional Data Bindings in ReactiveCocoa with RACChannel

ReactiveCocoa is a functional-reactive framework for Objective-C that can be leveraged to manage the flow of data within an application. The API provides tools that enable the composition of complex streams that chain data sources to data consumers. Typically, data travels down these streams in one direction—from source to consumer—but on occasion, it’s necessary to have data travel in both […]