Objection Turns 4, Gets 1,000th Follower

“Objection”:http://github.com/atomicobject/objection is a dependency injection framework for Objective-C that I wrote in one day 2011 while working on an iOS project. It’s funny how a combination of frustration with existing tools and inspiration can create something of value for your company and the wider development community.

Objection turned 4 years old this year and has just recently exceed 1,000 watchers on GitHub. I never thought that Objection would to continue to grow in popularity and be updated regularly through its 4 year tenure, but I am glad it did.

*I’ve compiled a list of statistics that I thought were interesting:*

* 47 releases have been tagged
* 59 issues have been filed
* 38 pull-requests have been submitted
* 15 people have contributed to the project
* 396 commits have been made
* 112 forks have been made

*Interesting facts:*

* Objection was one of the first libraries to support “CocoaPods”:http://cocoapods.org. The first pod I added was on November 15th, 2011.
* Objection has been used by major companies like Google
* Objection has been the topic of presentations in various conferences

For fun, I compared the README from the “first release”:https://github.com/atomicobject/objection/blob/0.1/README.md and the “current one”:https://github.com/atomicobject/objection/blob/develop/README.md. I struck me how few features Objection was released with (and still there) compared to the amount of features it has now.