Agile Misconception #1: Deadlines Don’t Exist

I recently worked with a client who was extremely frustrated with deadlines that seemed to come from nowhere, made no sense to him, and didn’t fit with his idea of Scrum as a methodology. He believed that according to Agile/Scrum, “the business” was not allowed to give deadlines to development teams. Scrum, he believed, allowed […]

Seven Quick Strategies for Effective Scrum Stand-Up Meetings

The daily stand-up meeting is an important component of the SCRUM process. It helps the whole team stay in-sync and up-to-date on what’s happening with the project, and it alerts everyone to blockers as soon as they become an issue. However, if you do a stand-up meeting wrong, it can become a real drag—and a […]

Divide Scrum Work More Efficiently with Vertical Slicing

Developing complex custom software applications is difficult, even in ideal circumstances. In a Scrum workflow, it is desirable to have as few stories as possible in progress at any given time. This helps to maximize throughput and to ensure that multiple stories aren’t partially completed in a given sprint without points to show. Unfortunately, dividing up […]