There’s No Such Thing as a “Massive MVP.” Build Releases Instead!

The idea of a “massive MVP” is an oxymoron. How can a Minimum Viable Product end up taking a team of up to ten people a year and over a million dollars to build? And yet, I’ve seen a number of organizations—usually enterprise companies—building massive MVPs. Clearly, there’s confusion between how the term MVP is […]

Managing Agile, Poly-skilled Teams with Intermediate Milestones

During the myGRcitypoints project we used a backlog that integrated design and development tasks. To minimize rework, we strived to complete design and markup tasks before writing the related code. We thought an integrated backlog would allow for better collaboration and task sharing between team members (especially on IA, IxD or markup tasks that can […]

A Responsible Alternative to Time and Materials

Vendors may use the phrase “time and materials” (t&m) to describe how they engage in projects and invoice their clients. The phrase t&m has been laid to rest at Atomic for several reasons. First, the phrase doesn’t accurately describe how we engage with our clients. At Atomic, we certainly don’t work without profit. And we […]

Bootstrap Story Maps with Innovation Games

Being a consultancy, Atomic Object starts a new project every few months. During a project’s Research, Design and Planning phase, we commonly create a story map for the product we are building for our clients. We include our clients in the story map creation process. I’ve found that they aren’t as invested in the story […]