Sharing Web Data with iOS Using WKWebView

I recently helped develop a native iOS app for a client that sells software to many different educational organizations. We wrote the app in Swift, and it interacts with our client’s pre-existing web API. One challenge we faced was that many of our client’s customers require single-account, multiple-login (SAML) support through their own web portals. […]

Go Home Swift Compiler, You’re Drunk

Swift is approaching its two year anniversary. Thus far it has experienced high adoption and continues to grow as developers transition away from Objective-C. As a programming language, Swift is great. It feels productive to work in, and has a nice variety of modern language features. After going through some changes, the language and platform […]

Interacting with iBeacons in Swift

I’ve recently been investigating iBeacons and the programming model to interact with them in iOS using Swift. iBeacons are a class of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that continuously broadcast identifying information about themselves using the iBeacon protocol that Apple introduced in 2013. They are meant to be placed in the physical world at locations of […]

Specifying the Destination of an Unwind Segue Programmatically

I once wrote an iPad app to help people take self-guided tours through a museum. One of the interesting parts of this application was that many of the views were implemented by the same view controller. The functionality of each screen remained the same with slightly different assets in each view. This would be a […]