An Introduction to Property-Based Testing with JavaScript

Property-based testing is a powerful technique that’s been widely and successfully applied to functional-style codebases for a long time. As functional programming continues to get more and more popular among JavaScript developers, the value of this style of testing is becoming more obvious to a wider audience.

Using State Tables for Testing

Tests can benefit a project in many different ways. For example, they help ensure that the software behaves as expected. They also help document that functionality for pieces of code that other developers may have to maintain. Lately, I’ve been using state tables in my tests to improve both of these benefits. State tables allow for […]

Testing Email Workflows Using Disposable Email Addresses

A sometimes tricky and always mundane element of developing web applications is testing email workflows such as account registration or invitation. In this post I will go over some strategies for using disposable email to do just that. Email Workflows Almost universally, online identities are tied to one of three things: an email address, an […]