UIScrollView with Content Layout Guides

UIScrollView has gone through some major improvements. Starting with iOS 11, Apple introduced content and frame layout guides to make it a little less confusing to configure the content inside of your scroll view. Xcode 11 also added these layout guides to interface builder. Today, I’ll show you how to use content and frame layout […]

Swift Tool Belt, Part 1: Adding a Border, Corner Radius, and Shadow to a UIView with Interface Builder

During my iOS work, I’ve assembled a set of code that I bring with me on every iOS project. I’m not talking about large frameworks or CocoaPods here. These are smaller Swift extensions or control overrides that are applicable to many projects. I think of them as my tool belt.

How to Programmatically Remove a Cell From a Static UITableView

There are two different ways to add cells to a UITableView. The first is by using dynamic prototype cells in your table view. For a dynamic table view, you programmatically arrange the cells and sections of the table view by implementing the UITableViewDataSource protocol in code. Using this method, you can display a variable number of […]