Atomic Ann Arbor Welcomes Two New Employees

Since spring, two new Atoms have joined our molecule in Ann Arbor. I asked both of them to tell me a little about themselves and to share their favorite thing about Atomic Object so far.

Elaine Ezekiel

Photo of Elaine EzekielElaine is Atomic’s new marketing specialist, the newest member of our two-person marketing team. She’s working on this blog, social media, internal marketing, and marketing strategy.

Elaine was previously the community manager at MHP Salud, a nonprofit that trains and empowers community health workers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media Studies from Kalamazoo College and is currently pursuing an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. Learn more by reading Elaine’s bio.

“In my previous role at a nonprofit, my team was wholly focused on a narrow topic. Now, I love sitting in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office and hearing the hum of conversations about disparate topics that teams are tackling—from campsites to semi-truck radiators! I’ve also been surprised at the welcoming attitude toward marketing from Atoms, even when it requires their above-and-beyond effort. They clearly care about how marketing affects the long-term future of the company. They’re willing to go the extra mile to help it grow. That motivates me to match their dedication as a marketer and find ways to spread Atomic’s story to a larger audience.”

Drew Hoover

Photo of Drew HooverDrew is a new developer in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office, where he’s been working on a project for Campspot.

Drew recently finished a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Auburn University. There, he served as an undergraduate research assistant, teaching assistant, and programming team coach.

“I love that at Atomic, we take the time to make our code good and maintainable and to learn new technology that will make our projects better in the long run. I’m surprised how much I’ve grown my skills: new technologies, test-driven development, making judgement calls on refactoring, top-down design, consulting, etc.”

More Developers Wanted in Ann Arbor!

Atomic is still hiring developers in our Ann Arbor office. Visit our careers page to learn more.