Atomic’s Ann Arbor Office Welcomes 3 Developers

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Atomic’s Ann Arbor office recently welcomed three new developers: Rob Bell, Nathan Papes, and Jake Silas. Onboarding remotely is a unique experience, and all three have jumped into this brave new world with gusto. I asked each of them to share a little about themselves and their experiences at Atomic so far.

Rob Bell

Rob joined Atomic with a varied portfolio and lots of consulting experience on his resume. Before joining Atomic, he worked on software for everything from medical device apps to fintech to the automotive sector. Since joining Atomic, Rob has been working on a project creating a driver-assist program that includes GPS technology and real-time driver feedback.

“One of the things I appreciate about Atomic is the pragmatism and transparency of the team and leadership. One great example is the return to office plan, where leadership has a practical, staged plan to allow team members to begin returning to the office when data suggests it is getting safer.”

Nathan Papes

A native of Midland, Michigan, Nate joined Atomic in January 2021. Jumping right in to crush work on a health insurance mobile app, he brings five years of experience as a web developer for a wellness consultancy, where he led development projects both independently and with teams of engineers. Nate received his Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University.

“I appreciate how thoughtful Atomic is as a whole. We take pride in doing great work for our customers while being a positive force for good in the community and among co-workers.”


Jake Silas

After working as a software engineer at a tier-1 automotive supplier, Jake dove right into Atomic projects ranging from various mobile apps to a search API. A native Michigander, he received acomputer engineering degree from the University of  Buffalo in New York and has played professional football in the Canadian Football League.

“I really love making things that people can interact with and be wowed by. This is why I’m happy to be an Atom.”