Half of Atomic Developers Now Past/Current Accelerator Members

The Atomic Accelerator program has recently reached an exciting milestone—Accelerator members and graduates now make up over half of our development team!

We’re thrilled with the value our Accelerator Atoms are contributing to client teams, the strong positive effect they’re having on our company culture, and the relationships they’re building early in their Atomic careers. Our new Atoms have done so well in the program that it’s become our primary way to hire for development positions.

Accelerator Members

Our fourth and fifth cohorts started this summer. We’ve now hired 18 developers through the program, and we’re very excited that half of these Accelerator developers are women.

Our Accelerator Atoms graduated from 10 different colleges and universities:

  • Grand Valley State University – 5
  • Hope College – 3
  • Calvin College – 2
  • Michigan State University – 2
  • California State University Northridge – 1
  • Eastern Michigan University – 1
  • Kalamazoo College – 1
  • Oakland University – 1
  • Stanford University – 1
  • University of Michigan – 1

It’s really nice to see that the program appeals to students across the state. We even have a couple of West Coast schools on the list! We’re excited that we’re able to provide meaningful, appealing jobs to keep top students here in Michigan.

Looking Forward

Fall means recruiting season for us, and we’re excited to meet our next Accelerator cohort! I’ve really enjoyed speaking with students over the past month, and we’re very much looking forward to hosting office tours, student workshops, and our fourth Atomic Games in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to continually work to improve our Accelerator program. It gets better with each cohort as we learn how to make it a more valuable, meaningful, and enjoyable way to start software careers.

If you know someone who’d be a good fit for the Accelerator, encourage them to apply today!