Atomic Design Goes to Cooper


Recently, the Atomic Object designers crossed the country to take part in a Cooper design course in San Francisco. Atomic invested a lot to give us this shared experience that would expand our professional development. Lucky us!

We took part in the Brand Experience Workshop, which showed us how to facilitate a workshop that would help our clients better create and define their brand. It was great to go through this class with our own design team and designers from other companies—and it made me feel good about working  for Atomic and the quality of our designers.

The workshop takes an organization from the realm of the scary and unknown to having a brand that matches their goals and vision. That understanding is shaped through numerous exercises such as developing experience attributes, user research insights, a brand matrix, and visual design studies.

Here is a quick look at our trip, both at work and savoring the sights.










I’m excited to apply what we learned to future projects.

If you’re a designer working on a team, what group workshops have you taken and found beneficial?